The Oldest Hotel in Lake Toba with Netherlands Style

The Oldest Hotel in Lake Toba with Netherlands Style – There is an oldest Hotel in Lake Toba with Netherlands style.  There isn’t enough time just a day to be able to learn all the charms of Lake Toba. It’s a good idea to stay overnight around this former volcanic super mountain lake. Try to look at Jalan Marihat, Parapat, there is a legendary inn.

The beauty of Lake Toba that cannot be enjoyed only in a day. Prapat is one of the areas on the shores of Lake Toba. It took about four hours from Medan to go to Pematang Siantar, then to Prapat. The area is also one of the centers of lodging or eating places around Lake Toba. One of them is Inna Parapat Hotel.

This legendary hotel has been established since 1911, built in the Dutch colonial period. Originally used as the center of the spread of Christianity. Then, on February 11, 1919 became a hotel business with the name of Hotel Enhandel Maatschapij Toba. There are five semi-permanent rooms that are fully held by the Dutch with the position of the board of directors in Balige. You can visit for more informations about tour package in Lake Toba.

Hotels that have existed since colonial times

Then, on August 8, 1950 his name was changed to NV Maatschapij Parapat. Four years later, December 14, 1957, the hotel was nationalized, under the supervision of Peperda. Then handed over to North Sumatra and Aceh BPUs based in Medan.

Then, based on the Government Regulation (PP) on March 31, 1962, it was changed to the supervision and control of the Indonesian Minister of Transportation, as national tourism hotels. When on February 15, 1973, based on Government Regulation Number 4 of 1973, it was changed back to being a business unit of a Limited Liability Company (Persero) under the name of its National Hotels and Tourism Corporation.

There is a replica of the windmill in this hotel

The Inna Parapat hotel located in Parapat city is in the form of a bungalow. Often also used as lodging for Indonesian contingents who will fight in national and international championships.

The oldest hotel in North Sumatra has three restaurants serving local and international cuisine. Although there are no swimming pool facilities, tourists can relax on the edge of the white sandy lake and do other activities including swimming and sailing towards Samosir Island.

Enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from this Inn

Not only that. There are other interesting things that make tourists stunned. A similar area is available in the Dutch atmosphere. Even complete with windmills. No wonder that many tourists who intentionally come here are just taking pictures.

As for the cost of lodging, it also tends to be relatively cheap. Starting from Rp. 700 thousand to Rp. 5 million. To get there you can order Lake Toba tour from Medan from Bintan Travel. Please call here +62 819 828 117 for more informations about the Lake Toba tour package.


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